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Eye exams in 5 seconds flat?

Inconceivable! Well, not actually with this new technology that Clark Howard (a great consumer advocate by the way!) mentioned on his website by the same name. A doctor can get … Continue reading

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What is an ePOLST form?

Look we know that we are aging. Many of us don’t even have a will. (Procrastination is a hallmark of the baby boomers.) Is it really important to have a … Continue reading

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It’s all about the Golden Girls!

Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty had it right. Their T.V. show “The Golden Girls” centered around four strangers living together in retirement. There are many women … Continue reading

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The Water Lady

In celebration of those who make a difference, we honor Darlene Arviso who serves the people of the Navaho Nation with a water tanker. It breaks our hearts when we … Continue reading

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The Senior Biz is Booming in Australia

Down under it is the same situation as here: Many goldenboomers and not enough housing. Time to get ready by building premier high rise housing with some interesting local amenities. … Continue reading

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The French Connection

In our never ending quest to find interesting bits of information from other parts of the world, we came across this article “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” from a 2014. We … Continue reading

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Here is to more Access!

Some goldenboomers we know are limited by how they can travel. Face it, our world is not exactly 100% accessible for everyone. Here are some interesting resources for those of … Continue reading

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New Technology for Goldenboomers

New Tech for Boomers Are you ready for the next wave of technology for goldenboomers? If you are at all concerned about how your life will play out in the … Continue reading

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Something to prime your bucket list with…..

Yes, we ride our bikes quite a bit here in Eugene, Oregon. Which is why this piqued our interest. We thought that you might want to add this to your … Continue reading

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Show Tunes and Dementia, the connection

Not really a big surprise. The head line was “Singing show tunes helps fight off dementia, Alzheimer’s disease.” One thing many of us have seen in retirement communities is how … Continue reading

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