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Living Life With a Purpose…

This is good to hear, again and again…It isn’t uncommon to hear about folks who are quite old and who are still working….not because they necessarily have too, but because … Continue reading

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People in Glass Houses….Save Money….

Every now and again interesting concepts cross our path, and this is certainly one of them. While it has no specific bearing on the lives of Goldenboomers, it certainly looks … Continue reading

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Would YOU ignore 15 trillion dollars?

A few facts: Today’s senior consumers carry plenty of buying clout and companies ignore that at their peril. Eighty-thousand baby boomers 65 each day (and turn goldenboomers editor) and by … Continue reading

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It’s not just Paris…

Enough said, click here. Does this make sense to you? It did for me.

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Community Gardens and so Much More. …

Quite a few residents where I work are community gardeners. They really enjoy the fruits of their labors. Within our community we have resident gardens. During the summer months, they … Continue reading

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Post Traumatic Growth and Neuroplasticity

In spite of myths, we grow continually throughout life. Dr. Darlene Mininni discusses the how we can use our mind and body to improve our lives. She discusses five resilience … Continue reading

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We refuse to let life pass us by…..

What improves your physical health, creates a natural high and improves your confidence? And why are all these (and more) good for you? Adventure Travel. Add life to your years. … Continue reading

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Just think, an hour per patient, per house call….

We going to need more doctors like Dr. Roberta Miller. Trends are showing that goldenboomers want to stay at home as they age, so we’ll need more devoted and passionate … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto

Here is a fun link to start the week with! You might think that this is a game for your kids….not so! Turns your parents might react really differently when … Continue reading

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What the future Brings

This was spotted earlier today and although it is a paid advert, it does give you an idea of things to come. New technologies that will impact your parent’s lives … Continue reading

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