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Daughters to the Rescue!

When it comes to care, there is no contest—women are who we turn to when we age. It isn’t uncommon for parents (once they have decided to move into a … Continue reading

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Peloton Dreams and Schwinn Realities…

This little gem is from an NPR show we heard about last weekend. You’ve heard us talking about biking as a means of staying fit (the end result for you … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Bikes for Goldenboomers

It seems that bicycling is making a comeback among the goldenboomer crowd. Hardly surprising as there are so many benefits. In our office Peter rides 12 miles a day. He … Continue reading

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We are all going to pot…oh no!

So the new statistics show that more and more boomers, etc. are moving, not to Florida (as has been the historical trend), but to those states that have relaxed their … Continue reading

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More Examples to live by

It’s easy to fall into a rut as we age. Or as these folks have eloquently stated, the h#@l with being in a rut! They are those examples that will … Continue reading

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KBG84: Japan’s new ‘girl band’

Now that we have you hooked by the title, let us explain. Perhaps as we age, we need to find some mentors that can excite us as we age. Perhaps … Continue reading

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“I gave him all I had!”

We heard today of a petite white haired, 89 year old grandmother, (most likely with a devilish grin) who when confronted by a scammer at 7:00 a.m. (this after weeks … Continue reading

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Remembering Rachel

This morning a caretaker-spouse came to me in tears. The sand clock is running out on his spouses life, and he is his physical and emotional end. He’d been up … Continue reading

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Are you African-American and want to travel?

More African Americans are traveling than ever before. But if you want to travel with like-minded folks, how do you do that? Here are some resources that might help you. … Continue reading

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Be part of the solution!

One of the things we wanted to do with was the fostering of ideas which can make a difference in the lives of other like-aged boomers. Goldenboomers International belongs … Continue reading

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