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My Stealthy Freedom

My Stealthy Freedom Sometimes we just are compelled to pass on websites or links that help to lift the human condition. This one, by way of Iran is “dedicated to … Continue reading

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Of holidays and combat vets.

This is just a short note on what can trigger PTSD among vets. Many of our boomers are graduates of the school of hard knocks in Viet Nam. Celebrations (wherever … Continue reading

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Goldenboomers who absolutely inspire us

It is rather amazing what can be found in news services from around the globe. Once again, we were tipped off by HW, about an amazing woman who had been … Continue reading

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Trends and aging in place

There are times when I really find something that grabs my attention. And that is when I feel compelled to point it out to you. Perhaps you’ll feel some of … Continue reading

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Dementia Village, an idea whose time has come

This is what we are talking about! is actually GOLDENBOOMERS INTERNATIONAL. Which means we look at how aging is looked at in other countries. Perhaps we can apply other … Continue reading

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An addition to Goldenboomers, from you!

We’ve had some discussions in the office. About how we can better serve you. Of course our minds are wrapped around how we, as goldenboomers, can maximize our lives. Through … Continue reading

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Cross pollinating generations, a win for everyone

Here is an idea that we talked about years ago in More senior communities are waking up to the power of cross-pollinating generations. Here is one heart tugging look … Continue reading

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The Best Job

There is no doubt that I have the best job in the world. I was reflecting on the fellow who won a six-month stay on an Australian island from which … Continue reading

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Smart Clothing Making its Debut

Smart phones, Fitbits, multi-mode GPS’s; our world is surrounded by technology. Smart cars, fridges that are linked to the web – our lives are becoming more and more linked to … Continue reading

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How to Start a Business

If there is something I have experience with, it is starting a company, specifically For those of you who don’t want to spend 17 years moving three steps forward … Continue reading

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